Score a few points while you throw the disc in a Frisbee golf basket!

disk-golf-basketInvented by DGA, the first frisbee golf basket was made 35 years ago when the sport also got officially formalized. It is made of a chain holder attached to the top of a pole which is cemented directly to the ground. The chains attached to the chain holder hangs down to a basket. A player’s score is calculated on the number of discs that enter the basket.

A standard disc golf course comes with either nine or eighteen baskets. For schools and camps one could even buy a portable one.

Frisbee disc basket was invented in 1975 by ED Headrick with his son Ken who jointly started the company named DGA. Before this invention, discs were thrown over light poles and trees. The first basket that was made by DGA had 10 chains which hanged in a parabolic shape. Many attempts and trials were needed till the present structure of a Frisbee golf basket was formed.

A Quick Brief On Window Shutter Anatomy.

The frame is the part connected to the window on which the shutter gets mounted. It is also called the Hang strip. The vertical panels of the frame are called Stiles while the horizontal panels are called Rails. The main area of the shutter is made up of overlapping blades that can be opened or closed. These are called Louvers. If you need any help installing your shutters please submit a request call in

Tilt Rod the mechanism that connects the individual louvers by the help of attachments called Staples. If the top half of the panels are to work independent of the lower half then the shutter gets separated by a Mid-Rail. The ease of moving the Louvers can be adjusted by Tension Screws.